150: Introducing the Drupal 8 Console - Jesus Manuel Olivas

Presenter Dossier: Jesus Manuel Olivas

  • Drupal 8 Solutions Engineer, Blink Reaction
  • Drupal.org profile: jmolivas
  • Website: http://jmolivas.com/
  • Twitter: jmolivas
  • 1st Drupal memory: "I tried Drupal 5 (at the time I had my own Java-based CMS), it was not a good memory because you load it and Boom! you have nothing ... :-) ... I didn't get the idea of Drupal that you have to add modules to add functionality. I admit I didn't try very hard; I just quit." ... Later Jesus tried Drupal 6 and *did* RTFM and discovered how easy Drupal is to extend and he was pretty much 'hooked'.
  • Favorite thing about Drupal: "It's the easiest way you can add external libraries to your project." He also likes how Drupal, "is pushing all these best practices in building sites or modules and how we forgot the 'not invented here' syndrome."

Session description

Every modern framework nowadays provides a scaffolding tool code generator for speeding up the process of starting a new project and avoiding repetitive tasks. Now Drupal does, too!

In this session you can build a module while following along with the live demo. You will learn how to take advantage of the Symfony Console Component to provide a CLI tool that automates the creation of Drupal 8 modules, automatically generating the module directory structure, controllers, forms, services, plugins, and required configuration files.

By the end of this session you will learn how to:

Topics mentioned in the session: Composer, YAML, Namespaces, Dependency Injection, Annotations, Routing, Controller

Session video

Session slides

Jesus's session slides are available here: http://bit.ly/drupal-console, but they aren't much without his code demos. You can see those in the video of his session!

Interview video