153: Come to BADCamp 2014, the biggest and BADdest tech camp!

The BADCast

"Why should I come to BADCamp?" you may be asking. Well, if you can get to San Francisco, one of the biggest and free-est tech events on the calendar awaits you: free training, free food and drink, free summits, free sessions, amazing keynotes (free), a party (entry fee ... probably zero), "fancy coffee", and opportunities galore all await you!

This is the camp for everyone

"We want to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible so that we can make the event open to everyone ... people who have heard about it and are maybe curious or 'future passionate' about it. Maybe they don't know yet that they are going to be super passionate about Drupal and they might not have come if it had had a big sticker price. We want to get people who love software into the community as easily as possible so they can see what Drupal is all about," explains Jen Lampton. She also mentions scholarships available for those in need and that the event has highlighted cheaper accommodation available near the venue in San Francisco as well.

Summits, Trainings, Sessions

Here's a quick rundown on some of the official action at BADCamp 2014:



Session tracks

  • Main Stage
  • Business and Community
  • Coding and Developing
  • Designing and Themeing
  • DevOps and Performance
  • Site Building and Using Drupal

Listen to the story for yourself

The Bay Area Drupal Camp has been around since 2007 and has always attracted large number of attendees, from hundreds (an incredible number at the time) the first time around in 2007, to more than 1600 in recent years. You won't find this many expert technologists, networking opportunities, and this much fun at this price anywhere else this year.

Listen to Andrew Mallis, Anne Stefanyk, Darius Garza, and Jen Lampton tell you themselves about BADCamp's history, purpose, and this year's plans in this podcast. The video has a couple of good visual moments, too. :-)


Sorry for t.. sou...nd

Sorry about the problems with image and sound quality during the recording.