154: 1st DrupalCon, 1st Contribution! - Oliver and Victoria McGuire

DrupalCon Amsterdam was something of a family outing for me. My wife Francesca attended all week and my kids were able to come out Thursday evening to attend Trivia Night and the Friday sprints. My daughter Victoria had sewn a dress and a cape to appear as Drupal Girl on Thursday evening. Her weeks of work on that really paid off; she was a big hit. She also got to meet her Drupal idol, MortenDK, who was the inspiration for her brand new Drupal.org and Twitter username: Drupal_Princess. There's a great photo of her meeting Webchick floating around online, too.

Proud Father

On the way to the venue Friday morning, Victoria surprised me by telling me she didn't want to go sightseeing in Amsterdam, she wanted to contribute at the sprints. "Wow, I better strike while the iron is hot here," I thought. Within 5 minutes of showing up, 2 people had offered to loan Victoria a laptop and both of my kids were off in the new contributors room in the capable hands of Alexar Pendashteh, Ruben Teijeiro, and Brian Gilbert at various times through the day.

While Brian was helping Victoria build a Drupal 8 site, teaching her about Views and such, she discovered a bug. They set her up with a d.o account and filed a bug report – achievement unlocked: CONTRIBUTION! – I am so proud. Even better, Brian and Ruben wrote and tested a patch to fix it that is now RTBC, too!

My son, Oliver was no slacker during the sprints, either. While he didn't find a bug or get a patch in, Ruben taught him some new skills and he worked on the CSS styling of a Drupal site. The day inspired him to start a course on Code Academy, which is great timing since they both have two weeks off of school right now! Geekery ahoy!

Contributor Dossier: Victoria McGuire