157: DrupalCon Amsterdam Top Ten - 2/2 - Kris Vanderwater

Part 2 of 2 – Kris Vanderwater (EclipseGc), Acquia’s Developer Evangelist, and I got together in a Google Hangout to catch up on our impressions of DrupalCon Amsterdam. We prepared a list of our top ten sessions from the Con for you to catch up with at home (technically nine sessions and one “other cool thing”). In our list, there’s a little something for most everyone, from coders, to themers, to site builders, to those of us who pitch and sell Drupal to clients – but we would recommend all of these sessions to anyone involved in Drupal. See how the other side lives!

In this podcast, video, and post, we cover the 2nd half of our list. Check out Part 1 for the rest.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of DrupalCon Amsterdam, the folks on r/Drupal and Twitter for pointing out a couple things that made it into this list!

Let us know what you thought of these sessions and what the highlights of your DrupalCon Amsterdam were!

Managing Complexity - Larry Garfield

Larry draws a line from complexity in code – the differences between writing and managing 200 lines, 2000 lines, 200,000 or 2,000,000 lines of code – to informal and formal leadership and structures in social movements, to the past and present state of Drupal, the Drupal community, and the sub-community of core- and sub-system maintainers. He proposes broad structures and concepts to deal with managing the complexity of our project – mainly the idea that with responsibility must come authority for anyone to be an effective leader – but leaves the specifics as an exercise for the community.

As I say in the podcast, there are at least two sides to this story. The immediate "opponents" to his ideas take issue with his choice of examples, some specific language he uses; while the most concrete alternate suggestions revolve around improved communication and project management in Drupal core development.

You should listen to the entire session and the live Q&A after, read all the references Larry links to and all the comments on the DrupalCon Amsterdam session page. For more background and thinking around similar topics, Emma Jane Hogbin's session “The danger of having no why” from DrupalCon Austin and Lisa Welchman's DrupalCon Prague keynote, ""The Paradox of Open Growth" are both well worth (re)watching.

Future-proof your Drupal 7 site - Dave Reid

Building a Drupal site now? You're probably doing it in Drupal 7. This remains a valid option and Drupal 7 will continue to be actively supported for several years to come. Dave's presentation arms you with information to help you design and build your Drupal 7 site using modules that will migrate smoothly into Drupal 8, features developed for Drupal 8 and back-ported to Drupal 7, and a list of deprecated modules and functionality to avoid if you are looking to migrate to Drupal 8 at some point in the future. Shout out to OS Training for this helpful post about the session on OSTraining.com. You can see Dave's session slides here.

Keynote - Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow, as well as being a science fiction author and popular blogger, is a leading thinker in and around issues of copyright (and -left), human rights, privacy, and society in the digital age. His keynote at DrupalCon Amsterdam was in turns witty, powerful, and moving. Watch it to get a sense of the importance of what we are doing in the free and open source software movement: If we don't build the systems to guarantee privacy and civil rights on the internet and in the internet of things, who will?

DrupalCI (not a session)

Jeremy Thorson, Nick Schuch, and Ricardo Amaro describe this best themselves (and I did a terrible job of explaining in the podcast!): "DrupalCI is an initiative born out of the requirement for new testbot infrastructure. Our goal is to implement a brand new Continuous Integration (CI) workflow that can not only be used for Drupal but anyone wishing to run a CI infrastructure / Automated tasks. ... With all of these components identified, and the outstanding gaps now mapped, there is no better time to join in on all the fun. The goal is to have a maintainer for each of these components, that way we can distribute out the effort while also giving everyone a chance to "own" there portion of the infrastructure." Join their weekly hangout and read the full post on PreviousNext.com.au to learn more!

Train Wrecks & Ugly Baby Client Meetings, part 2- Susan Rust

The third iteration and extension on this theme by Susan Rust at DrupalCon, this gives insights into aspects of running a successful Drupal business. To get a sense of the topic's evolution, check out Susan's session from DrupalCon Austin, Train wrecks, ugly babies: the gory details, part 2 and DrupalCon Portland, Velocity & viscosity: train wrecks & ugly baby meetings too!


How to market Drupal VS Adobe Experience Manager, SiteCore or Ektron - Maxime Topolov

If you sell Drupal, need to convince non-technical people about open source and Drupal, want to pitch for bigger deals for your company, this presentation is a must-see. In 35 minutes, Maxime presents an honest assessment of Drupal's strengths *and weaknesses* versus the proprietary competition. There are great slides to inspire you, arguments and information to get past the potential weaknesses (and calls to action to fix them), recommendations for good Drupal demo distros to use and much more. Kris and I agree this session is solid gold and worth every second.


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