169: Drupal and the power of flight with Sally Young

Sally Young, Senior Developer at Lullabot, let me take her away from the DrupalCon Amsterdam sprints to talk with me. I was thrilled to finally get her in front of my podcast microphone and camera. She is a smart and interesting developer involved in innovations including headless Drupal and mobile applications. More importantly to me, I've been figuratively dying to get her story on tape about her mother's misunderstanding of her first job ever since I first heard it a couple of years ago. Listen on and you won't believe what happens next! ;-) ... We also touch on the beauty of her job, CMS v Framework, the Drupal community, being an open source developer, why Drupal 8 will be nice for developers and clients.

Full geek, all the time.

Sally's job sounds great in that she gets to use a broad variety of skills and technologies regularly: "I work in Client Services. I talk a lot to other people, which is fun, but most of my day is actually spent coding away. I do back-end stuff and front-end stuff. I tend to work on quite big enterprise projects. My day is very varied. I could be working on crazy, hard Drupal problems one day or building little decoupled things with Angular.js or something another day ... full geek all the time."

Why would a dev want a CMS?

When I asked her why she stuck with Drupal, she pointed towards being more efficient and getting to do more interesting problems things than rewriting a lot of boilerplate code for every new project. "I was building a lot of stuff with Zend Framework at the time and there were a lot of things that I would have to keep doing over again. I had my own libraries for doing things, but it's just really boring writing a user registration again, or a menu system again. I think Drupal's implementations of those were really solid and they were pretty easy to use compared to a lot of stuff out there. So why not use those and I can go off and solve some more interesting problems."

Guest dossier

  • Name: Sally Young
  • Work affiliation: Senior Developer at Lullabot
  • Twitter: @justafish
  • Blog: justafish.co.uk
  • Drupal.org: justafish
  • GitHub: justafish
  • Sally is one of the team behind the London Learning Drupal Meetup
  • Here's Sally presenting with Blake Hall at Drupal Camp London 2013: Going Mobile
  • 1st Drupal memory: Choosing Drupal to run a wiki for work, then hacking core, and thinking, "This is great! I can do all the things! Then I learned you probably shouldn't do that. It's not very maintainable and I learned how to make my own modules and changing things to how I wanted them to be. It kind of took off from there."

Interview video!