174: Development based on Drupal's Fundamental Particles - Brad Czerniak

Presenter, Brad Czerniak caught my eye with a blog post entitled "10 things I learned using Drupal at a hackathon," based on his experiences taking part in the #hackDPL (Detroit Public Library) competitive hackathon. In our podcast interview we talk about that – before moving on to Brad's session about the Drupal development best practices he and his team use at Commercial Progression in Michigan.

Session description

There are lots of hooks, templates, and other development avenues in Drupal — "more than one way to skin a cat." Often choosing a particular method can affect the operation of a site, lock you into a particular way of doing things, have implications on future work, and get the notice of fellow developers; all for either better or worse. This presentation explains different endpoints for developing, and introduces a mindset for making the best choice given the circumstances.


  • A list of helpful 'Do' tips, including some of the best lesser-known contrib. modules
  • A list of 'Don'ts', with lots of "code smells" to watch out for
  • Theming and development methodology best practices — with helpful graphics
  • "Everything is a block" :-) ... shout out to the Blockify Module!

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Session video

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