182: Drupal is fun to use - meet Karen Grey

Drupal is more fun - meet Karen Grey

I sat down with Karen Grey at Drupal Camp Brighton 2015 to find out more about who she is and what she does with Drupal. I apologise for taking her out of the code sprints for that time! Since we spoke, Karen has taken on a position as Senior Drupal Developer at i-KOS in their Brighton office.

During our conversation, we touch on the difference between early Drupal 6 and working with Drupal 7 now, how public contribution helps companies build their reputation and build passion and excitement in employees, Drupal's tough-love coding standards, how Drupal's steep learning curve pays off ("I've used other CMS's, they're not fun to use.") in enjoyment and community, the expense of the project discovery phase when using proprietary software compared to open source, personalisation on the web as the next big thing (shoutout Acquia Lift and Context DB!), and more!

Guest author dossier

  • Name: Karen Grey
  • Twitter: @greenybeans84
  • Drupal.org profile: karengreen
  • Work affiliation: Senior Drupal Developer, i-KOS Brighton office
  • LinkedIn profile: Karen Grey
  • A recent Drupal contribution: Commerce Smartpay module
  • Which Drupal version you started with: Drupal 6. "I built my own CMS for my final year project at university, so I understood what a CMS is and does and when I was introduced to Drupal, I thought it was pretty cool."

jam's favorite photo of Karen

Karen Grey's magnificent moustache!

Interview video