183: Yhteisöllisyys and global Drupal: "Friendships beyond business"

If only non-Finns could easily pronounce it, I think "yhteisöllisyys" would be a perfect motto for Drupal. To explain what it means, I dragged Lauri Eskola, Drupal Craftsman from Druid.fi, away from the contribution sprints at DrupalCamp Brighton 2015 long enough for him to fill me in on that, as well as his trip to Drupal Camp Delhi 2015, what he's excited about in Drupal 8, and how doing business in the Drupal world–based on values like sharing and openness–must seem strange and different to outsiders.

Global Drupal: DrupalCamp Delhi

"It was such a huge honor to me to be [at Drupal Camp Delhi]. I am so glad I had the opportunity to take part in that event. The community is way larger than any other community I have ever seen. Drupal Camp Delhi had more than 1000 registrants for the event, which is a huge amount of people. They don't get many international visitors; it's mostly just the local people there. It's weird people don't go there: it's really easy to get there from Europe. It's worth visiting. It's something you should do. It's an experience I will probably remember forever. Indian people are amazing. They are so friendly and easygoing. All the things I thought before I went there were completely wrong."

"There's a lot we can learn from India, especially what they think about community. They are very community-minded people. They appreciate community and Drupal a lot because Drupal creates possibilities for people there. Vijay [Vijaycs85 on Drupal.org] is a good example of a person who had gotten options to get out of his small village in India because of Drupal. Now he lives in London. That kind of good example in India empowers people to take part in community because they believe it can create great future for people there. Not everyone wants to move to London, but they get new opportunities even in India."

"They are actually going to [have] DrupalCon in India and that is one more example of how serious we are now taking India in our community. I hope that it will change what people think about India and that they realize how easy it is to access. For me, it was only six hours flight from Helsinki to Delhi. It was really easy."

Global Drupal: one big family

I asked Lauri why he stuck with Drupal. "Because I found a job immediately," was his first answer :-) ... but then he went on ... "At some point, I was thinking of moving somewhere else," to another technology, "but then I went to my first DrupalCon in Prague and it changed my thinking about Drupal. Drupal is more than just technology. It's like one big family. There, I met my good friend Ruben Teijeiro and others."

Lauri is an active mentor for new Drupalists and got into it ... "Mentoring is one of the most important values we have in our community and it's one of the reasons why we are as successful as we are. New people are the power of the community. We have to ensure that the community keeps going. The fact is, there are people leaving all the time. Their life situations change, they get family, they burn out, whatever. People leave. And we need new people in the community all the time if we want to grow."


"My favorite thing about Drupal is people." I then asked Lauri to describe Drupal in a single word. He hesitated a while and then said "yhteisöllisyys", a Finnish noun defined as "communality", "sense of community", or just "community". If only non-Finns could easily pronounce it, I think "yhteisöllisyys" would be a perfect motto for Drupal. :-)

"One of the things that no one outside of the Drupal community can understand is that in Finland, we build projects together and there are friendships beyond business. That's not just one word, but that's what I could say about the Drupal community ... to describe how things are from my perspective. That's one of the reasons why we are as good as we are: When we do something together we are much more powerful then when we are alone."

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