196: Drupal 8 All-in: Acquia is ready for D8! Tom Erickson - 2/2

Part 2 of 2 - In a recent conversation with Tom Erickson, Acquia's CEO, we got to talking about Acquia's "Drupal 8 All-In", what it is and what it means for the Drupal world and those we have yet to convince ... Acquia has drawn a line in the sand, saying, this thing is so great, we are confident we can deliver the kind of help and experience that we've been guaranteeing with Drupal over the last 7 or 8 years. This thing is ready enough. And all of the rough edges that we find along the way; this is the perfect opportunity to sand them off. This thing, Drupal 8, is ready for real business. In short: Acquia is running customer sites on Drupal 8 already, supporting all of Drupal 8, helping get the last rough edges off it for general release, and would love to talk with you about your next project and whether Drupal 8 is a good fit!

In part 1, Tom and I talked about Acquia's early days, the advantages and challenges of running a business in the open source world, the Drupal community, "community open source", what Tom is excited about in Drupal 8, and a lot more.

Why should I choose Drupal 8 for my organization?

In the context of the digitalization of business, whether in retail, education and training, or elsewhere, "What's exciting to me is that Drupal 8, through its architecture improvements is able to [support the digitalization of business] better than any other system on the market. And we're proud as part of Acquia to be able to offer that in a complete, almost SaaS-like environment. It gets me really, really excited, that potential."

"Multi-brand enterprises are starting to realize that the creative freedom [the Drupal offers] is something that I think today's marketer, today's business executive who wants to create a branded digital experience absolutely has to have ... at the same time without sacrificing issues of governance," (Tom discusses creating and managing large numbers of sites with Acquia Cloud Site Factory in part 1 of this conversation).

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Drupal 8 now

"Effectively, for someone adopting Drupal 8 now, [Acquia is] completely mitigating the risk associated with that and being able to go live--fast--with Drupal 8."

"Sometimes, particularly around Drupal, organizations are a little but shy about saying, 'Hey, I want the software to mature. I want to have some of the contrib. modules already available.' And there's occasionally a lag there. Once again, these are risks that are there relative to a brand-new release. Consistent with our approach around Drupal in general, we've assessed it. We've taken a look at it and we've committed already to some customers that we will mitigate that risk. We will help organizations adopt Drupal 8 now, if that's their preference. We will help with the porting of modules to ensure that that experience is extremely straightforward. "

"We've got a lot of experience with Drupal 8. And we're excited about working with our partners as well on this. We've reached out to our partner community and they're very enthusiastic. So it's not just an Acquia-alone effort. This is something we're doing with a couple of dozen of our best partners.

Why now?

Acquia has clients who are already running on Drupal 8. "They're excited they're on the Drupal 8 platform, because that's the platform of the future. As they're able to grow their digital experience initiatives, they'll be able to grow alongside of Drupal 8. That's the real success. They're serving up these experiences with complete reliability. None of these have had down-time."

"Drupal 8 is a platform that will be supported for the next ten years. Getting on board with that today can help you to realize [new architectures], that multichannel capability ... not serving up just pages, but serving to mobile devices of all ilk ... to serving up feeds or internal systems and really digitalizing the business ... integrating a backend ERP or marketing automation systems."

"Organizations that are thinking ahead, organizations that want to get a head start on what's going to happen over the next five years ... next ten years in business, not just in Marketing, but in business in general, can get a head start by moving onto Drupal 8 today."

D8 Accelerate + Acquia D8 All-In #ftw!

"We have this group, the Office of the CTO ('OCTO'), which coordinates efforts with the community. It's a whole team of people and they will be very proactively coordinating and prioritizing what needs to be done. Acquia's going to look at how we get that done in a very expedited manner. We're going to be investing heavily, both in terms of resources and community outreach and community sponsorship to be able to accelerate this. "

The Drupal Associations's Drupal 8 Accelerate initiative is mostly focused on Drupal 8's core, security, and improving the Drupal core releases of the future. Acquia's Drupal 8 All-In program is both complimentary to D8 Accelerate and broader in scope. Tom explains: "Our efforts around Drupal 8 include all kinds of aspects of Drupal," like contributed modules, "training, assessments for organizations of how ready they are for Drupal 8, etc. It's a very, very broad program."

Toms Drupal 8 All-In shameless plug!

"Quite frankly, if you are an organization that's looking at a new digital platform, you'd be silly not to include Drupal and Acquia in your evaluation because of the innovation that is built into this system. It integrates with everything you might need and [those] that you already have in your business, so you don't have to rip and replace things. And it provides you the ability to achieve precisely what you hope to achieve, whether that's a very creative front end, or whether it's integrating to dedicated mobile devices through APIs. So I just encourage everybody who is thinking about how to digitalize their organization to consider Drupal 8 and we'd love to help you understand what that can bring to your business."

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