201: Drupal 8 configuration management: we wrote the book!

The first Drupal 8 book on the market was Drupal 8 Configuration Management, by Anja Schirwinski and Stefan Borchert from undpaul in Hannover Germany. Anja is Co-Founder and CEO of undpaul. I ran into her and undpaul's other Co-Founder/CEO, Johannes Haseitl in early May at the re:publica 2015 in Berlin, where I gave a presentation on open source and the economy.

This podcast audio and video contains excerpts of the conversation we had in a corner of the very busy event location--apologies in advance for the audio challenges. Among other things, we touched on:

  • undpaul's wonderful origin story (also check out this video of it).
  • Drupal empowering less-technical users.
  • The re:publica conference and why it is important to expose yourself to new communities and ideas.
  • How Drupal and technology can solve real problems. Our responsibility to use it to make a real difference and make the "real" world a better place.
  • How open source technology and the open source mindset--sharing, openness, working together--lead to better solutions and outcomes.
  • Drupal 8 and Configuration Management, deployment, version control.
  • Running Drupal (and open source) businesses in Germany.

Guest dossier

Drupal 8 Configuration Management

by Stefan Borchert and Anja Schirwinski

Interview video

Drupal 8 Configuration Management book cover