212: Drupalsnack interview from Internetdagarna, Stockholm 2015

Something a little different this week: In cooperation with the Swedish "Drupalsnack" ("Talking Drupal") podcast, Leander Lindhal, Robert Douglass, & Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire get together at the 2015 Internetdagarna in Stockholm.

Quick notes

In our conversation we go over all of our Drupal "origin stories" and reminisce about how we got where we are today, what we did, and what we do now. We talk about Drupal 8, who it's for, what it does, how every size of site and user benefit from the so-called "enterprise" features in it. We also compare it with some other options, the concept of the right tool for the job, and the value of having other perspectives (shout out Larry Garfield, Getting off the Island, and Building Bridges). Robert points out that most technology choices come down to having an honest and comprehensive requirements gathering process.

Leander asks about one of Robert's favorite topics: how (Drupal and open source) developers can be better supported financially, what options for commercializing open source software there are, and how this can relate to code/product quality and quality of life for developers. Software as a service (SaaS) products built with Drupal like Roomify come up, too.

In response to a question about standardizing Drupal development and architecture models, Acquia's Drupal distribution, Lightning came up, as well as the fact that including numerous components from other open source projects (Symfony, Twig, etc.) in Drupal 8 makes a positive difference on this front.

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