242: Meet Paul Johnson, Drupal Social Media Lead

I sat down with Drupal Social Media Lead, Paul Johnson at Drupal Camp London 2016, a few weeks after DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai. Paul runs the official community social media accounts on Twitter and elsewhere. I feel Paul is a kindred soul, since he and I both love highlighting and celebrating the Drupal community's stories and achievements.

The @drupal Twitter account alone has more than 65 thousand followers and Paul uses his powers for good. "I get so much satisfaction out of it. There's nothing I like more than to hear that it's made a difference to somebody, or I've heard something and made other people aware of it privately and that's maybe solved a problem. Social media is used for quite a lot of things ... It's not just a marketing channel."

Our conversation

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Here are the accounts Paul runs:

Here is the Drupal Association Social Media Request Form that Paul mentions during our conversation.

And here is the full, official Drupal social media directory.

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