43: Meet Chris Porter, Drupal hero

Chris Porter talks about the satisfaction of helping people solve the hard problems that will let them run their Drupal installations and their businesses better.

He says he feels like a hero sometimes, because he's welcomed by people who have invited him to come and help, rather than being the consultant who shows up because someone is forced to buy help for a proprietary system.

The thousands of other developers who contribute to Drupal allow Chris (and many other Drupalists!) to tackle and fix problems bigger than he could ever hope to address in other circumstances and system.

"I can show how Drupal, with the power of the masses ... They can turn around and hit these roadblocks and say, 'Okay, 8000 of you! Let's go rewrite this code!' And get around the roadblock. That's a huge benefit, that as a developer, you'll never be able to do alone. I help people understand that if there's a roadblock, it's not going to be for long, because you're not the only person with this roadblock. The community is working to fix it. It's a really neat position."