46: Meet Erich Ludwig: Closing the Drupal talent gap

Erich Ludwig, Acquia's Director of Learning Services talks about his road to Acquia and Drupal, community building and the importance of hiring and training new Drupalists.

"We can't just hire enough people. We have to find great potential Drupalists and train them. So we created the Acquia U program to show people a path forward, show them how to identify and train people. We've given a challenge to the community to say, 'We have to hire junior developers. We have to create spots for people to come in at an entry level. We know that in every shop, there is work for these people to do, especially if there's some sort of structured mentorship and training around that position.' ... This is a problem on a larger scale for software: We don't create enough entry-level positions for people to come in. We expect them to come out of school knowing what's going on, or we expect them to already have experience when we know that most schools are not providing the kind of hands-on experience that real, honest to goodness developers need."

"There are a few key things for me in finding a good place to work. Number one is to get my mind engaged and get my heart engaged, so with Drupal, an open source project, and have the chance to engage with the community; that was very attractive to me. And then wanting to work with good people. There's no way I am going to be part of a company or project or anything where I can't engage with really awesome people. So interviewing at Acquia and seeing the integrity, the energy and the intellect of people at Acquia was something that really spoke to me and so I said, 'Yeah, I can join this company. I know I'm going to be with good people, and I know I'm going to have a good time.'"


Interlude music courtesy of Erich's band Federator N°1. Hear more, find their next gig at www.federator1.com