48: Closing the Drupal talent gap 2: meet Addison Berry

Closing the Drupal talent gap 2 ... with Addison Berry, Director of Education at Lullabot. Addison is also the Product Manager of Drupalize.me, a video training portal that offers training resources for helping folks improve their Drupal. Some companies are using these resources to hire junior developers and help them get up to speed faster and more efficiently. A theme Erich Ludwig also addressed in Acquia Podcast 46.

A freemium subscription to Drupalize.me is included with every Acquia Network subscription, along with a host of other tools to help you build and run the best Drupal site you can.

Alongside their paid offering, Drupalize.me offers free videos, and community-oriented videos, too. They're making videos to support the steps on the Drupal Ladder – formerly known as the Boston Initiative and as Learn Drupal, but they swear this is the name that will stick ... at http://drupalladder.org.

Addison speaks out

  • On becoming a Drupal core developer: "Everybody can work on core; you don't have to be super-coder-dude."
  • On practicing safer development: "People, you need to use version control."
  • On nurturing new Drupal talent: "I feel that there is so much potential in each individual person, and whatever we can do to encourage that is great. The more, generally, that that gets encouraged ... then companies that are looking to hire, people who are looking for jobs ... that stuff can really sort itself out. But you've go to start with the individual people. You've got to raise them up and help them out."

Want localized training videos in your language?

Drupalize.me is looking for volunteer translators to write subtitles in their own languages, especially for their free videos. Contact Addison for more information.