53: Meet Katelyn Fogarty: "I speak Marketing and Engineer!"

The technical marketer

Katelyn Fogarty, Manager of Online Marketing at Acquia, is a great example of the kind of Acquian who brings a variety of skills and experience to the table – in her case Drupal development and configuration, online marketing, and management – and combines them to perform a unique function uniquely well at Acquia. There are a number of Acquians who have been able to enrich their non-developer, but still Drupal-related work at Acquia with a background of Drupal skills. In Kate's case, she can explain business and marketing needs to the developers and vice versa.

Spreading the word

Kate has been an enthusiastic Drupal convert for a while. In her professional dealings with her peers – content editors and marketers – she always takes the time to explain how they, too, can take advantage of Drupal. She has been known to evangelize Drupal to friends and colleagues, and even "anybody I talk to". Drupal Gardens gives her the chance to show people Drupal without any of the technical risks or overhead involved in normal installation.

Tips for safer Drupaling

Hey, kids! As we mention early on in this conversations, modules don't go in docroot/modules, they go in sites/all/modules ... themes don't go in docroot/themes, they go in sites/all/themes ... just saying'!

Show Notes

Kate mentions several things and people in passing that deserve a shout out.