75: Meet Erica Ligeski: Drupal training means jobs

Erica Ligeski, Marketing Engineer on the Acquia.com website is another of the many Drupalists with a non-technical background. Her path took her from performance and dance, to arts management, to total geekery! Just like me, at some point along the way she needed a website for an arts project and fell in love with Drupal. The rest is history.

Acquia U

Erica was one of the very successful first group put through the Acquia U Drupal training program. "Successful" in this case means that all the trainees were hired as full-time Acquians following the course.

More about Acquia U:

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Erica's favorite Drupal module is the Konami Code Module, which adds secret Easter eggs to Drupal websites, just like the one the Konami company added to many of its video game releases.

Drupal Training Resources

If you'd like to know more about this Drupal thing or up your game, here's a few resources that can help:

  • training.acquia.com lists Acquia's own training courses.
  • Don't miss Hello Drupal!, an introductory Drupal course free for anyone to download and use!
  • buildamodule.com offers well-structured, task-oriented, video-based Drupal training from beginning concepts through to advanced coding in Drupal.
  • drupalize.me is another excellent video-based Drupal resource, containing hours of material covering every aspect of Drupal development.

Free trials of buildamodule.com and drupalize.me are available as part of some Acquia Network Subscriptions.