77: Drupal UX and design ninja Matt Edmunds

Matt Edmunds, UX Interaction Designer at Acquia, talks about his 9+ years of working with Drupal ... since version 4.3! This gave us the chance to reminisce about the days when we felt we could keep an eye on roughly the whole project on any given day or week. This was probably not truly the case back then and it certainly isn't now.

His fine art background led him to theming in Drupal. As his art training led him into design, it also created a natural path to User Experience work, aka "UX". Today, he spends a lot of his time simplifying, unifying, and clarifying Drupal interfaces and workflows for the SMB and enterprize versions of Drupal Gardens. A lot of his work flows back into cooperation with Drupal community module maintainers and patches on Drupal.org.

What Drupal Gardens really needs

While the Speak Lol Cats Module has exactly zero bugs in its issue queue, I think my hopes for getting it into the Drupal Gardens codebase are going to go unfulfilled.

Matt is Old Skool

I checked Matt's username, "tinycg", on Drupal.org and he has indeed been around a while. He is d.o user 15024 – I bow down to your Drupal-Ninjaness, Matt!


Video evidence

This also really happened.