81: Project Management: "The Fortune Teller Must Die" meet Shannon Vettes

Shannon Vettes is the Partner Manager at Commerce Guys in Paris; the company leading the way in making Drupal the platform of choice for eCommerce. Among other things, she has the rewarding job of coordinating adding modules and services to the Commerce Marketplace and getting integrators involved in the platform, too.

Talks on project management

I met her recently at Drupal Camp Scotland in Glasgow, where she was the keynote speaker.

She spoke about project management and called "The Fortune Teller must Die."

"The purpose of my talk is to get everyone to realise that project management is practice. It's something that you learn and build over time and not something that you use to predict everything that 'should' happen and control every little thing ... and then blame your poor development team who is trying to do it and failed (!) because you planned it properly or poorly ... Whatever happened, you don't blame them. I gave tips and techniques about doing project management the right way. It's a rinse and repeat job. You don't plan once and be done. I think that is the biggest misconception - or misuse! - of the entire business."

She also uses the funny neologism "firemanism" to describe project management on a bad day :-)


The slides from both of her Drupal Camp Scotland '13 sessions are available online:

  • Keynote - Project Management Revolution: Why the Fortune Teller Must Die
  • The Science of Guessing: Estimation Techniques from Project Managers

Shannon Vettes

Shameless Plug!

Shannon wanted to plug three things:

Kickstart distribution

Shannon: "It will change the way you do web development with Commerce"

Commerce Guys: "Commerce Kickstart is Drupal Commerce packed with features that make it more complete, faster to launch, and easier to administer. And like Drupal Commerce itself, it's free, supported by an active developer community, and backed by Commerce Guys' unmatched expertise. Using Commerce Kickstart can take up to a month off of your development time."

Commerce Marketplace

Shannon: "It is loaded with awesome apps, with more being added all the time, and they are all free!"

Commerce Guys: "Everything to improve and strengthen your online store."

Turbo tickets

Shannon: "quick, cheap, reliable support for Commerce"

Robert Douglass announces Turbo Tickets

Commerce Guys: "When you submit a Turbo Ticket with a specific question about a Drupal Commerce-related development challenge, a Commerce Guy expert will provide an answer within two business days."