86: DrupalCon Portland follow up: Vincenzo Rubano and Mike Gifford

Impressions of DrupalCon Portland and thank yous with Vincenzo Rubano and Mike Gifford. - Short, but sweet this week in the Acquia podcast: Drupal 8 Accessibility Maintainer Mike Gifford, and accessibility contributor Vincenzo Rubano talk about DrupalCon Portland and say thanks for all the help that allowed Vincenzo to attend DrupalCon Portland and begin to make a difference to the project in person.

Thanks for the help

You may recall that Vincenzo ran a fundraising campaign on Indigogo recently. The donations he received there, plus Palantir's generous gift of a DrupalCon pass were enough to get him there!

From me personally, and on behalf of Vincenzo, thank you all!

Pics or it didn't happen

Here are a couple of photos of Vincenzo and me meeting in person for the first time.

Vincenzo and jam in Portland, May 2013