94: Drupal Digital Experiences and the best module ever! - Meet Kevin Hankens

Kevin Hankens, Acquia Engineer, discovered Drupal 5 when he was looking to build a highly personalized eCommerce visitor experience for his then-employer's website. I was fascinated to hear an origin story of the very beginnings of the sorts of digital experiences everyone is talking about today* (see below), 6 years later.

In this interview from March, 2013, Kevin and I also talk about the evolution of Drupal from developer-oriented platform to a more user-friendly experience over the last couple of releases; how Kevin joined then left then "came home" to Acquia, Drupal contributions while developing Acquia products, and the BEST MODULE EVER.

Drupal Gardens, Enterprise Gardens, Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Since we were talking in March, Enterprise Gardens has been substantially reworked and rereleased as the Acquia Cloud Site Factory, and even more powerful and flexible platform for rapid site deployment. Every time Kevin says "Enterprise Gardens," pretend he said "Acquia Cloud Site Factory" :-)

Here's some more information about that: Acquia Launches Acquia Cloud Site Factory

And don't forget Drupal Gardens: http://drupalgardens.com

Namechecks and Resources

*Digital Experiences today

Here are some resources to learn more about Drupal and the "Digital Experiences" that everyone is chasing now: