95: Support enablement through automation - Meet Tim Hilliard

Acquia Cloud Engineer, Tim Hilliard, and I sat down at Acquia headquarters this spring to talk about ... what else? Drupal and helping people succeed with it.

I find Tim's job interesting. He is part of the client advisory team at Acquia, but isn't specialized in front-line client support. He describes his role as part of the onboarding team for the Acquia Cloud platform, as "support enablement," ... "Enabling Support to do a really stellar job is one of the things that I really love and I focus on."

He created a set of tools and automations that help other parts of the Acquia Client Advisory organization do critical migration and quality control tasks for clients faster and with less risk of error. As the Client Advisory team discovers new tasks to automate and better ways of doing things, every member can add to and improve the toolset codebase. Tim says the team is releasing "one or two things a day to the toolset to keep evolving it."

Check out the Drush script Cache Audit, to see the amazing tool Mark Sonnabaum built that inspired Tim to build the tool suite he discusses here.