96: Why should I go to DrupalCon? - Rebroadcast - The benefits of being there in person

With DrupalCon Amsterdam and The Prenote right around the corner, it seemed like a good time to revisit this recording from when I had the tables turned on me at DrupalCon Portland and got interviewed by Ray Saltini from Blink Reaction. He asked me some great questions about Drupal, and especially why you should come to Drupal community events like DrupalCon. See you in Amsterdam!

Take six minutes out of your day and learn:

  • How spending time in person helps long-distance collaboration, and cooperation later.
  • Who comes to DrupalCon and why. Why you should come to DrupalCon.
  • Why you should join the Drupal Association.
  • The benefits of sponsoring DrupalCon.
  • What was new for DrupalCon Prague (Community Summit! - Labs Track!). These were both great successes and were repeated at DrupalCon Austin.

If you need any more convincing, just have a look at this Flickr set of us in Portland. Glorious! Or this one of us at DrupalCon Prague! Here's how things looked at DrupalCon Austin.

You are down there somewhere... DrupalCon Portland

Jam & Addi

Oh, and moustache suits ...