Rebroadcast: Three podcasts on Drupal and government

Three great past podcasts this week on Drupal in government. The first (and the audio included directly here) is "Helping the Federal Government solve public sector problems with Drupal" with Acquian Bryan Hirsch, originally from May 2012. Check out the other two I have linked to for other interesting perspectives on this important subject.

How Governments Market Themselves on the Internet

The second is "How Governments Market Themselves on the Internet", originally from April 2012. Alex Gallafent of the BBC examines how countries go about creating their own government web sites to market themselves to their own citizens. Tom Erickson, CEO of Acquia, weights in on how open source software, such as Drupal, has allowed government web sites to be more open for their constituents.

Gov embraces Drupal for web needs

The third, from March 2011, is called Gov embraces Drupal for web needs and comes from Federal News Radio in the United States. Given the massive adoption of Drupal by governments and agencies around the world now, this is an interesting look at the state-of-play from a couple of years ago. The original blurb for the podcast shows just how things have changed in the last two years: "More government departments and agencies - including - are using content management system Drupal to build a web presence that aligns with their mission goals. When he took office, President Obama called for more openness and transparency in government; Drupal allows agencies to put information online and incorporate social functions like Twitter and Facebook integration, blogs and forums ..."

Listen to all three!

And check out the original podcast notes: