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Tips and tricks for getting the most out of – Patrick Drotleff is a passionate contributor to the Drupal project whose work – including,, and the tongue-in-cheek BreakingHead card game – often centers around building tools that help others contribute to Drupal. Within minutes of Drupal 8 beta being announced at DrupalCon Amsterdam, I saw a tweet saying it was available to try out on Though I had used the service before, I wanted to know how it actually worked and Patrick was kind enough to agree to show it off here on jam's Drupal Camp.

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With you can easily evaluate and test (nearly) any module, theme, distribution or Drupal core version available on within a temporary sandbox without the requirement of any local setup. While it was created as a demo-tool in mind, people started using it for contribution and it has proven especially useful for non-developers who want to help in the issue queues.

In this session you will learn about some of's lesser-known features and how to use them when working on Drupal core and your own projects on

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