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Acquia Cloud Site Factory provides digital teams with a multisite platform to deliver and govern a multitude of sites faster and easier than ever before. Users can build and maintain a single Drupal codebase to provide website functionality. Acquia Cloud Site Factory will maintain your server and platform configurations. This allows non-technical users to create new sites while the organization maintains a well-governed digital platform.

For a comprehensive overview of Acquia Cloud developer tools that help to automate workflows and optimize sites, visit Acquia Developer Experience Details.

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Posted by DC Denison
The topic was “Distributions” at the September Boston Drupal Meetup, which was held at Acquia HQ in downtown Boston, and attendees were treated to an unusually comprehensive session. That’s because Drupal Project Lead Dries Buytaert kicked off the meeting by going waaay back, to the very first Drupal “distro.” To back up a bit, a distribution is a combination of Drupal core + modules + configuration + documentation -- all bundled up and optimized for a particular…
Posted by Corey Wood
How Elevated Third, Hoorooh, and Acquia worked together to create a decoupled site for the Powdr Resorts, one of the largest ski operators in North America Part 1: Setting the Stage: Hosting a Decoupled Drupal site. Powdr Ski Resorts was facing a familiar challenge: the web sites in their network of ski resorts were on a collection of disparate content management systems, which made it difficult to govern their digital properties across multiple brands and sites.…
Posted by Sarah Ailes
With budget cuts and rising expectations, higher education websites have become a challenging balancing act of function and affordability. As one of the main marketing tools to prospective students, higher ed websites increasingly need to do it all. They have to be responsive, accessible, easily navigated, support the brand, contain large bodies of complex content that often require custom functionality not standard in CMSes, and be future-proof enough to last 5-7…
Posted by Jeffrey McGuire
Check us out in person If you’re coming to DrupalCon Baltimore and you’re curious about Acquia, there are a couple of ways to meet the company and see what we’re about beyond the marketing and sales efforts that get directed at potential clients. One great way is to come to our sessions! Looking at the breadth of topics covered, you begin to get a sense of how much is going on behind the scenes at the company. You can see and hear Acquia experts talking about…