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Acquia Cloud is a Drupal-tuned application lifecycle management suite with a complete infrastructure to support Drupal deployment workflow processes from development and staging through to production. Acquia Cloud includes powerful developer user interfaces, secure server access using SSH, and automated deployment from a version-controlled code repository. It operates on proven open-source technologies that our team has selected, tested, and optimized for Drupal. With Acquia Cloud, Acquia delivers comprehensive Drupal infrastructure support from a single vendor.

For a comprehensive overview of Acquia Cloud developer tools that help to automate workflows and optimize sites, visit Acquia Developer Experience Details.

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Posted by DC Denison
Acquia Learning Services has published an excellent tutorial on how to build a Decoupled Drupal application with Node.js on Acquia Cloud. Two of our resident Node.js and Drupal experts have created learning materials for a simple and transparent process for learners. The tutorial itself, created by Jason Enter, Acquia Technical Services Manager, enables you to develop and deploy a decoupled application on Acquia Cloud. Shane Jordan, Acquia Customer Success Engineer,…
Posted by Cash Williams
One of the common issues I've noticed when working with customers is the tendency to treat non-production environments, such as dev or stage, as less important with respect to security. This is understandable since these environments are effectively disposable and could be rebuilt from production at any time. However an important consideration that should be taken into account is what data lives in these environments. Most customers I talk to are mostly concerned…
Posted by Jason Enter
“The most compelling advantage of API-first Drupal is not the way it negates Drupal's presentation features, it's the way it enables the capabilities of the CMS to power multiple applications and devices. Leveraging Drupal as a centralized data source enables authors to deliver content to multiple devices outside of Drupal, while leaning on the strength of the CMS editorial workflow and patterns.” -- Jason Enter, Manager Technical Services, Acquia. Every year, Acquia…
Posted by David P. Butler
In my last post, The 5 Abilities of a Digital Application Stack, I said that if you are developing single-page applications, or mobile applications, or signage applications, you are developing digital applications, not websites. The transition from sites to apps means the separation of front-end presentation components from back-end content services, interfaced with standard API’s. The app layout, presentation, and front-end components are the responsibility of the…