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Acquia Lightning is an open source distribution that accelerates the process of building great authoring experiences in Drupal 8. Developers can use Lightning’s lightweight framework, documentation and best practices to develop accelerated Drupal 8 experiences. Lightning’s automated testing framework contains more than 90 automated behavioral tests out of the box and allows developers to implement continual integration pipelines that monitor major functionality, providing a safe environment to innovate with focused tests and modular additions to Lightning.

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Posted by DC Denison
MJ Johnson, Acquia's Senior Director of Product Marketing, has just published a blog post that captures all the product developments that took place in Q4, 2019. Click here to read his entire post.  Here are the highlights:  New Relic Pro, the leading application performance management solution, is now available to all Acquia Cloud customers. SumoLogic has partnered with Acquia to deliver custom dashboards that allow developers and IT operators to utilize custom…
Posted by DC Denison
DrupalCon Seattle is coming up: April 8-12, 2019 at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington, USA. And if you’re starting to assemble your schedule, which you can conveniently do on the event site, we’ve got a session to recommend: Shockingly Fast Site Development with Acquia Lightning. The session, by Acquians Stephen Raghunath and Matthew Grasmick, is an introduction to Acquia Lightning, an open source Drupal distribution that addresses the…
Posted by DC Denison
If you’re going to start a Drupal 8 project, and there are many reasons why this makes sense, you should start with Acquia Lightning. Because this flexible Drupal 8 distribution streamlines the process of building and delivering feature-rich Drupal 8 sites. It takes the guesswork out of Drupal 8 module selection and configuration for key features like media, page building, and workflow. The result: Acquia Lightning saves web developers and builders 30 percent or more…
Posted by Preston So
With its flurry of sessions, events, concerts, and exhibitors, it's a wonder anyone gets any sleep at SXSW, the giant gathering of minds, auteurs, and performers in the capital of Texas. Here in Austin, there's always a sense that everyone is on the verge of the next big discovery, whether that's the hottest new cryptocurrency or the finest taco purveyor. During my second year attending SXSW Interactive, I managed to catch a few fascinating sessions that consistently…