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Acquia Lightning is an open source distribution that accelerates the process of building great authoring experiences in Drupal 8. Developers can use Lightning’s lightweight framework, documentation and best practices to develop accelerated Drupal 8 experiences. Lightning’s automated testing framework contains more than 90 automated behavioral tests out of the box and allows developers to implement continual integration pipelines that monitor major functionality, providing a safe environment to innovate with focused tests and modular additions to Lightning.

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Posted by David P. Butler
Acquia Headless Lightning provides an API-first back-end content repository that allows for easy ingestion by front-end applications. Front-end developers requiring a headless CMS or decoupled CMS have immediate access to a cloud-hosted content repository service for development, delivering, and production. Headless Lighting builds on the Acquia Lightning distribution and configures the basic tool set provided by the contrib modules selected and implemented in…
Posted by David P. Butler
Developing single page applications? Mobile applications? Signage applications? You are developing digital applications, not websites. Digital customers are driving websites toward digital applications and vice versa. The transition from sites to apps means the separation of front-end presentation components from back-end content services, interfaced with standard API’s. The app layout, presentation and front-end components are the responsibility of the front-end…
Posted by Adam Hoenich
Reposted from the Acquia Lightning site. In Lightning 2.1.7, we’re finally answering a long-standing question: "If I’m managing my code base with Composer, how can I bring front-end JavaScript libraries into my site?" This has long been a tricky issue. doesn’t really provide an official solution -- modules that require JavaScript libraries usually include instructions for downloading and extracting said libraries yourself. Libraries API can help in some…
Posted by Aaron Ellison
Cog, introduced in a previous post, was built as a toolset for satisfying the needs of enterprise clients by Acquia's Professional Service Front-end Team. It's used as a basic starting point for a new project and includes tools for reinforcing front-end best practices. In this blog post we will introduce you to some of the tools included in Cog. SMACSS Architecture If you are unfamiliar with SMACSS, it is a Drupal standard method for categorizing CSS rules. On…