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Acquia Lightning is an open source distribution that accelerates the process of building great authoring experiences in Drupal 8. Developers can use Lightning’s lightweight framework, documentation and best practices to develop accelerated Drupal 8 experiences. Lightning’s automated testing framework contains more than 90 automated behavioral tests out of the box and allows developers to implement continual integration pipelines that monitor major functionality, providing a safe environment to innovate with focused tests and modular additions to Lightning.

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Posted by Reena Leone
Each day more Drupal 7 modules are being migrated over to Drupal 8. In this series, the Acquia Developer Center is profiling some of the most prominent, useful modules that have crossed the chasm. This week: Services.Kyle Browning, Drupalist since 2006 and Technical Consultant at Acquia, provides some insight on this Top 150 Drupal module he maintains. What does the Services module do? Services module provides a standard way for Drupal site builders and engineers to…
Posted by John Kennedy
This is a part of our Drupal 8 Ready series of blog posts. Read what Dries has to say on This post will be focused on our push toward Drupal 8 for Drupalists. If you have been wondering when the right time is to start new projects with Drupal 8, you are not alone. We are approached with this question from partners and clients on a daily basis and have built up a many faceted decision tree for determining which way a project should go. Some of the…
Posted by The Acquia Team
This post is part of a series: A Beginner’s Guide to Distributions: A fast-track to Drupal development. I want to apologize to my loyal blog readers, I love you so! I had a bit of a personal hiccup, which meant a few weeks of my life were shuffled up and didn't fall back in the places I had put them. I am continuing with this series, and TODAY, you can join me and Jakub Suchy for a webinar talking all about distributions. The first distribution I want to show you is…