Decoupled Drupal

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A decoupled CMS architecture allows developers to utilize any technology to render the front-end experience in lieu of the theming and presentation layers that come with a coupled CMS out-of-the-box. Developing decoupled, digital experience applications involves using front-end components and frameworks, decoupled CMS's and content services, standard APIs, and cloud and application services. It also requires a DevOps culture. Some of the key decoupled design points are the digital app reference platform, the decoupled CMS, and the structured content that is required to implement amazing experience apps.

Posted by Preston So
With the advent of web services in Drupal 8 core, decoupling Drupal — namely, using Drupal as a content repository to expose data for retrieval and manipulation by other applications — has never been easier. Now, with the REST module in core, you can transform Drupal into a data service without custom code or substantial configuration. But is it a good idea? What are some of the considerations you should scrutinize when opting for a fully decoupled project? Decoupling…