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Acquia offers powerful, easy-to-use tools to help developers create sites quickly. Our tools help clients to create sites, automate workflows and monitor and optimize applications.

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For a comprehensive overview of Acquia Cloud developer tools that help to automate workflows and optimize sites, visit Acquia Developer Experience Details.

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Posted by Alex Moreno Lopez
Acquia Developer Studio (from now on ADS), is a tool that my colleagues at Acquia have been working hard to release. I could say that it’s going to be the new Acquia Dev Desktop, but to be more precise, I'll use the official description from the Acquia docs site: Acquia Developer Studio integrates many of the tools developers need to build better digital experiences, and to also be more productive. With Acquia Developer Studio, you can focus on building the best…
Posted by Alex Moreno Lopez
Setting up a Drupal environment has been traditionally quite a “pain in the servers,” if you allow me the expression. That’s why tools like Acquia Dev Desktop became so popular. If you have worked with Drupal in the past ten years you have probably worked with (or have a colleague that worked with) Dev Desktop. See this poll I published a few days ago: Calling my #drupal fellows. I'm doing a quick #tweenvestigation. Who knows about @acquia #devdesktop?#Developers #…
Posted by DC Denison
Every year, the Acquia Engage team brings together a wide variety of experiences -- from customers, from partners and from Acquia’s best and brightest. That’s what makes this conference -- taking place this year in New Orleans from November 11 through November 14 -- so valuable.  The good news: the 2019 edition has more developer experiences on tap than ever before. Developers not only have their own track, BUILD, but there’s even more developers content sprinkled…
Posted by Dane Powell
Overview The Sprint Demo (often part of the Sprint Review ceremony in Agile/Scrum methodology) is a critical step in completing a sprint, an opportunity to excite stakeholders, and a chance for developers to show off their work. For presenters, however, the demo can be a stressful exercise due to a lack of confidence, structure, or practice. If you’re nervous about giving your first demo, haven’t enjoyed giving demos in the past, or you just want to get better at…