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Posted by Irek Mirgaleev
What defines a professional software engineer? There isn’t a simple answer to that question, but after reading several books on the subject I identified some tips that I have found useful. Which ones do you like? Which ones don’t you like? What do you think is still missing in this list? Planning/Deadlines Before figuring out how to do something, ask why this needs to be done in first place. Challenge assumptions. Try to find an easier solution. Before committing…
Posted by Lubomir Culen
Before you read this, you should review a previous installment of this series: Debugging Drupal 8 in PhpStorm: Local Web-based Debugging in Mac OS X, Acquia Dev Desktop 2, and XDebug. The reason is that PhpStorm stores a lot of settings automatically when debugging is invoked from the browser for a first time. Because we don't want to insert these settings manually, and we want to leverage them for CLI debugging, we're assuming in this documentation that the web-based…
Posted by Lubomir Culen
Welcome to Post #2 in my series about debugging in Drupal 8. If you haven't read my Introduction, the reason why I decided to create this series is that a lot of Drupalists use ”legacy” ways of non-interactive debugging based on php-native commands. Even though it's completely valid to use these commands to quickly display the value of a random variable, and to do simple (re-)search based on that, they have significant drawbacks compared to real interactive debugging…
Posted by DC Denison
If there's anyone who has command of the command line, it's Dave Myburgh, a senior engineer at Acquia. Dave has worked with Drupal for 10 years. His very first site went live on Drupal 4.7 – the project started in Drupal 4.6 – and it's still running. He's behind some big projects at Acquia. Day-to-day, Dave runs a team that handles the main website and several others, including this one, the Acquia Developer Center. Recently, he helped in the migration of…