Senior software engineer
Drupalist Since
Irek earned a Master's degree in Computer Science in Russia. At the age of 22, he decided to try to start his career in the United States. He arrived in the US in the summer of 2009 and learned about Drupal, in which he saw a great potential. Irek learned about Acquia and applied for a job; however, it did not go further than a phone interview. Mainly because Irek spoke little English and most importantly, he was not allowed to work in the US. However, he learned that international students are allowed to work in the US as interns. He continued mastering his Drupal skills and applied for a graduate program at Bridgewater State University. During his second year of grad school, three years after the failed job application at Acquia, Irek applied again. This time to be an intern. By the end of his interview he was offered the internship. He used it as an opportunity to demonstrate his value and worked day and night. Soon after he was offered a full-time position. Presently, Irek continues his work at Acquia. He is now a Senior Software Engineer and his responsibilities include supporting Acquia Cloud UI and other interfaces used by Acquia customers. He is passionate about writing software in the most efficient and agile way to meet technical and business objectives, test driven development and continuous integration.