Senior Technical Architect
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Jeff Geerling is a developer who has worked in programming and devops for many years. He has worked on hundreds of Drupal sites, starting with some Drupal 4.7 community sites in the mid-2000s. He published Ansible for DevOps in 2015, and writes here, on his personal blog, and for many other sites.

“Acquia has a unique and influential position in the Drupal ecosystem, and I'm glad to be one of the people who can help bridge gaps between Acquia and the wider Drupal community,” he said.

Geerling said every project offers opportunities to help partners and customers grow in their Drupal journey.

“One partner I worked with had developers who were new to Git, and I was able to help them learn Git and thrive in an agile project culture. One customer I worked with had an internal development team who was new to Drupal, and I was able to help them learn Drupal and overcome challenges of developing a site in a very restricted network environment,” he said.

Acquia has maintained several of the positive attributes of a startup, Geerling said.

“Most notably, the ability to pivot and go in new directions, to provide opportunities for generalists and specialists alike,” he said. “The main thing that has grown as Acquia has matured is the ability to deliver. Early on, many teams were working on different things with different tools and techniques, but as we've grown, the tools and techniques are more centralized, and we can consistently deliver better code and better tools across all our departments. There's always an attitude of adapting to the marketplace, growing as a team, and trying new things, and this makes working for Acquia great.”