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This developer portal is only as good as our community so get involved. We are happy you are here.

Welcome to Acquia's Developer Portal Contributor Resources 

The Dev Portal is focused on creating step by step tutorials, learning paths, and blog articles to elevate your project to the next level.  You don’t have to be an expert to contribute, if we are missing something, write about it.

The purpose of the developer portal is to:

  • Provide consolidated reliable technical documentation
  • Help developers grow and expand their skills
  • Provide a place for the community to share their knowledge and skill base

Most importantly the Dev Portal is here for you, but we can't do it without you...

Be opinionated, contribute back, and be a part of this community. Use these resource to learn how to contribute and how to provide feedback to the dev portal.

Contributors Resources

How To....

    How To Get Started

    Not sure where to start? We are here to help.

    Use the following tabs to learn how to

    • create a profile
    • add documentation
    • provide feedback

    How To Log In

    This platform is open to the community and anyone willing to contribute their experience while working with Drupal CMS and Acquia Products in the form of a blog post or tutorials can do so by joining the platform by creating an account at Acquia Developer Portal.

    Step One:  Go to the Acquia Developer Portal log in page.

    Step Two: Log in with your email

    • A: If you are an Acquia employee you can log in or create an account using your Acquia email via Google's federated login. 
    • B: If you are a community member go to create new account and fill out the information. 
    Log Into Developer Portal

    How To Create A User Profile

    In order to use your name in the author fields for content you need to create a profile.

    Step One: Log in to see your user profile.

    Step Two: See the Get Started Block under your profile. Click on the Create your profile link to get you to your profile form.

    Create user Profile


    Step Three: Fill in all the details of the create profile form



    Step Four: Save and this is how you have created/ updated your profile. 

    How To Contribute A Blog

    Do you have concept or idea you want to share with the community? A blog article is a great place to do that. 

    Step One: Click Content > Add Content > Add a blog  from the menu 

    Add Content


    Step Two: Write your blog and add appropriate tags

    Step Three: Change draft to review 

    Step Four: Save

    Once you hit Save, a notification will be sent to content reviewer team. Someone will review your content and will publish your content as soon as possible. 

    Add Blog Article

    How To Contribute A Tutorial

    Tutorials use site studio's layout canvas to provide more robust features. You must use the Tutorial container and tutorial item in order to get the step by step styling. 

    Step One: Click Content > Add Content > Add tutorial from the menu 

    Add Content


    Step Two: Add a Title for your tutorial. Then move down to the Layout Canvas and click on the plus button. 

    Step Three: Add Tutorial Container

    Step Four: Add tutorial step 

    Step Five: Continue to add your Tutorial steps

    Create a tutorial


    Step Six: Save as Draft. 

    Once you hit Save, a notification will be sent to content reviewer team. Someone will review your content and will publish your content as soon as possible. 

    How To Provide Feedback About The Dev Portal

    Did you find an issue with this website and want to let us know? Please email [email protected] and we will get working on it!

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