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Posted by Peter Wolanin on Aug 27, 2015
Security is very hard to bolt on to any software or product after it has been built. Building it into the core of the code helps to avoid mistakes, and thus the upcoming release of Drupal 8 tries to build in more security by default, while still being usable for developers and site builders. This...
Posted by Lynette Miles on Aug 27, 2015
These days, using SSL with your website isn’t just a good idea — it’s essentially a requirement. Encrypting the information that’s sent between visitors’ browsers and your website is the new price of doing business.
Posted by Thomas Howell on Aug 26, 2015
We couldn’t have trained dozens of Acquia employees on Drupal 8 without using various applications to schedule, measure our progress, and follow communications about the massive undertaking. Let’s take some time in this, the fifth blog in a series about Drupal 8 instruction, to give a quick...
Posted by DC Denison on Aug 25, 2015
Developer-related posts from around the Drupalverse. This week: developing a REST API with Drupal 7 and the RESTful module; the downsides of decoupling; moving to Drupal; and the benefits of certification. 
Posted by Acquia Help Center on Aug 24, 2015
It’s bound to happen: Visitors will try to access URLs on your website that no longer exist, prompting them to see a “HTTP 404 Not Found” page. Processing a 404 message can hamper website performance; it will use even more memory if the page contains links and files. We’d like to lessen the burden...
Posted by Thomas Howell on Aug 24, 2015
Not every student learns the same way, so teachers consistently have to find a way to instruct a classroom while also reaching students individually.
Posted by Michael Meyers on Aug 21, 2015
If you’re considering a switch to Drupal 8, why not become an early adopter? Becoming an early adopter has some risks — and Acquia will work with you to mitigate those risks — but it also has huge benefits. In this post, I want to talk to you about those benefits and also share with you my...
Posted by Georgianna Anderson on Aug 20, 2015
When Acquia’s Global Support Team outgrew their ticketing system in 2013, it was time to make a change. An outdated ticketing system was taxing their team and compromising their ability to support customers.
Posted by Acquia on Aug 18, 2015
The release of Drupal 8 will bring many improvements and new capabilities. Recently, Dries Buytaert, chief technology officer at Acquia and the founder of Drupal, sat down with Angie Byron, Wim Leers, and Alex Bronstein to answer a few burning questions about what this new release means in a live...
Posted by Erik Webb on Aug 18, 2015
No one likes fuzzy math. It’s especially problematic when you’re conducting a load test and can’t accurately gauge concurrency. In this last blog of a series on load testing, here are some tips on how to avoid the fuzzy math that can distort your expectations of how a website will perform. Shaky...