Drupal 11 is coming in 2024

Drupal 11 is expected for mid-late 2024, but what does it mean for your sites?

What to expect in Drupal 11?

Drupal 11 will be a refined version of Drupal 10. Compared to 10.0, the following are in Drupal 11.0:

  • Easier content modeling: reusing existing fields and creating new ones made easier.
  • Faster real and perceived page performance including interface previews and layz loading.
  • Single Directory Components (SDC) for UI component creatoin.
  • Decoupled menu support improved with Linkset support.
  • Content editing streamlined with automatic formatting.
  • Menu, taxonomy and permission management made easier.
  • Symfony 7 under the hood (replacing Symfony 6).
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Drupal 11 readiness dashboard screenshot
8000+ extension readiness tracked

How to prepare for Drupal 11?

Drupal 10.2.0 defined all the deprecated APIs for Drupal 11, so it is time to get prepared for the new major version.

  • Upgrade to Drupal 10 if not already. The tools only support code compatibility checking towards the next major version, so you must be on Drupal 10 for accurate upgrade status information.
  • Install Upgrade status on your development site.
  • Use the Administer >> Reports >> Upgrade Status page to check if there are contributed modules you can update to get compatible and to learn about the deprecated API uses you can fix in your custom code. Use the latest Drupal 10 release to check to make sure all deprecated APIs are detectable.
  • Contributed projects receive help from the Project Update Bot to be compatible. You should use drupal-rector to automatically fix various issues in your custom code. Upgrade Status will help to identify where to do what.

How long is Drupal 10 supported? What's the upgrade timeframe?

Drupal 10 will be supported until the release of Drupal 12 in mid-late 2026. This means that upgrading to Drupal 11 is not urgent. More contributed extensions may be ready later, compared to on Drupal 11's launch day.