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Posted by Ask Acquia on Aug 04, 2015
When you're managing your website, keeping track of all of the updates that you may need to maintain security can feel like trying to balance on a beachball.   Never fear! We're here to catch you! (Or at least to help you not get sand in your eyes.)   Here are some common questions you may have...
Posted by Erik Webb on Jul 29, 2015
You’d hate to have your business struggle for critical resources such as skilled employees, Internet bandwidth, or even capital. The same is undoubtedly true for website performance.   For developers, “contention” refers to when many website visitors are simultaneously competing for your...
Posted by Ask Acquia on Jul 27, 2015
Q. Why is Varnish recommended so often for Drupal websites? In a word – scalability. For each end user accessing the backend of your Drupal site, queries are made between the site and the site’s database, active cache, spam filter, and update service. A web page is then built dynamically and...

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