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Posted by Adam Malone on Sep 03, 2015
After working with both Chinese customers and global customers with a Chinese user base, we at Acquia have developed an understanding not only of the sometimes difficult requirements faced, but also the existing state of both sites and platforms. From well-known challenges like the Great Firewall...
Posted by Corey Caplette on Sep 03, 2015
For the past 15 years Velir has been customizing and implementing top-tier content management systems. Given our focus on creating digital solutions, content management is at the core of almost every project we take on. We’re veterans in the CMS space, but up until recently we exclusively worked...
Posted by Isaac Sukin on Sep 02, 2015
The biggest risk for any website is security. Research has shown that the average cost of a data breach is several million dollars. The last two years have seen a number of high-profile security breaches affecting millions of people, including: 145 million eBay users 70 million Target customers...

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