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decoupling in drupal
Posted by Alex Moreno Lopez

I've been interested for some time in this whole idea of decoupling Drupal and decoupled architectures: collecting links, ideas, videos, and anything that I considered useful. Here is my list. I hope you find something useful, maybe not :-).

Question: Decoupling Drupal… Wait, What? Why? When...

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4 Trends for Website Developers

Acquia's Peter Brown looks forward to some key trends will directly impact how applications are developed in the short term. These include increased regulation in Europe, integrated digital experiences, new digital channels, and artificial intelligence.



with Preston So Preston So

Decoupled Drupal Authentication with OAuth 2.0

Perhaps the most critical component of any decoupled Drupal architecture is a robust authentication mechanism that protects data transmitted between a Drupal site and API consumers like JavaScript applications and native mobile applications.


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Acquia Lightning

Lightning is a packaged distribution of the open source Drupal social publishing system for Drupal 8.

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Tech resources

A How-to Guide to Headless and Decoupled CMS

How to choose the right technology to support the next phase of the web and beyond.

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State of Drupal: Nashville
State of Drupal Presentation: 2018

A Drupal 8 update, let's grow Drupal, and fostering values and participation.

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coupled and decoupled
Decoupled CMS | Acquia Developer Center

How a decoupled architecture works, when to consider decoupling, and how to leverage decoupled Drupal to deliver ambitious digital experiences.

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