Drupal 9 EOL Resources

Welcome to our comprehensive resource page dedicated to helping you navigate the Drupal 9 End of Life (EOL) phase.

What does End of Life Mean?
This means that the Drupal community, including the core development team and module maintainers, no longer provide active support or security patches for Drupal 9.

While Drupal 9 will continue to function, the lack of official support raises concerns about the long-term viability and security of websites still running on this version. It is essential for website owners and administrators to understand the implications of Drupal 9's end of life and take appropriate actions to ensure the continued success and security of their online presence.

Why is Drupal 9 coming to an EOL?
Drupal updates major versions are every 2 years.

The biggest dependency of Drupal Core is Symfony itself
Drupal major versions follow the calendar of Symfony major versions:
Drupal 8 used Symfony 3.
Drupal 9 uses Symfony 4.4 LTS. 
Drupal 10 uses Symfony 6.4 LTS.
Using LTS versions going forward  provides Drupal with the best blend of new features and long-term security support for Symfony

This landing zone is here to help you get started and find the right resources to migrate your site to ensure your application is secure and has modern secure online presence.

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