Acquia SEO Content Insights powered by Conductor

Acquia’s partnership with Conductor marks another milestone in our journey to deliver the best-of-breed digital experiences for our customers. The collaboration between Conductor and Acquia will concentrate on incorporating the advanced SEO insights of Conductor's premier organic marketing platform into both Acquia's Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and its Drupal CMS. 

As part of this partnership, Acquia has developed a new Drupal module called Acquia SEO Content Insights powered by Conductor. Creating compelling content requires leveraging SEO insights and content intelligence, and the subsequent publishing and administration of this content are contingent upon a strong content management system (CMS). 

Historically, this process involved toggling between different platforms to gather pertinent data, developing a unified strategy, and executing it. Now, with the Acquia SEO Content Insights module, marketers can seamlessly and confidently create and publish their content for organic search engine optimization directly in their workflow as they write. 

This integration will bring powerful SEO insights to your Drupal content by leveraging Conductors Writing Assistant. Writing Assistant taps into data-driven SEO signals and harnesses top-tier AI algorithms, including OpenAI's GPT-4, to deliver strategic advice that prepares your content for effective SERP performance before it goes live. There are four major components of this module:

Drupal Configuration Dashboard

Here you can select which search engine and location you would like to optimize for. In addition, you can select which pieces of content can use this module.

Conductor Module Drupal Config Dashboard


Content Optimization

This is where the strength of the module really shines. As you work on your content you will have these powerful features to improve your SEO as you work:

  • Content Score: Reflects how holistically and comprehensively your content addresses the given topic. Higher scores reflect higher potential for your content to perform successfully in search results. It is based on three components:
    • Keyword coverage
    • Sentence structure
    • Repetitions
  • Body Copy Suggestions: Provides an analysis of the top pages for the researched keyword mentioned in the body copy. These are the most frequently mentioned terms—a good sign that these are important terms to discuss in similar detail. This provides details on important, supporting, and additional body copy suggestions.
  • Questions to Answer: AI powered insights based on the targeted keyword and your copy. Discover how your draft can better answer the questions your audience is asking about this topic. Helpful content is more valuable to the customer and often ranks higher.
  • Length: Provides visibility on the average top ranking pages length for the SEO topic and where your content ranks.
  • Readability: Provides visibility on the average top ranking pages readability for the SEO topic and where your content ranks.
  • Target Topics: Focus on targeting one of the primary or secondary keywords with similar higher search volume instead. 
  • Structure and Patterns: Check if your draft content has specific keywords and where it will rank such as proper use of H1, H2, H3, Title Tag, and Meta Description Patterns.
Acquia SEO dashboard and settings


How Can My Team Get Started?

First, you must be both a Conductor customer, and have a Drupal CMS. Next, you will need to request your API key from Conductor and download the Acquia SEO Content Insights module. Under the configuration settings of the module, enter your given API key, then you are off! Start crafting content and optimizing for organic SEO!

For more on Acquia SEO please reach out to your Account Manager or contact Acquia Support.