Announcing Acquia CLI: The Best Way to Manage Your Acquia Experience via the Terminal

  • 2 minute read

Acquia is proud to announce the availability of Acquia Command Line Interface (CLI), a new unified tool to manage your Acquia products and services from the terminal. 

Acquia CLI makes it easy to control multiple Acquia services and to incorporate these services into your continuous integration process. It allows you to manage Cloud IDEs, Cloud Platform applications and Cloud Platform teams via the Cloud Platform API’s 200+ endpoints; other services will be supported in the future.

Curious about what else you can do with Acquia CLI? Check out the below video, which gives you a taste of a few highlights:

  • You can run Drush commands on Acquia servers without even installing Drush or Drush aliases!
  • Easily tail logs from your Drupal Cloud Platform applications, 
  • Manage Cloud IDEs
  • Interact with the Cloud Platform API’s 200+ endpoints and more. 

Interested? Then get started by installing Acquia CLI now.

In the spirit of Drupal and Acquia’s commitment to the open source community, Acquia CLI is free, open source, written in PHP, and built on community packages such as Symfony Console and the Acquia PHP SDK for Cloud API. We welcome feedback and contributions via Github.