We recently redesigned our share links, embed links, and embed codes to have branding in their hostnames. We’ve also changed the syntax of the links. Branded links will be returned by default in all API responses starting March 31, 2021.

2021-05-17 Update:

Based on feedback, we halted our proposed release timeline above. We will seek to return branded links by default near the end of Q3 2021. A more definitive release date will be announced closer to this timeline.

2021-07-15 Update:

We have now added support for this change to be tested through our Instant Search Connector. See more information in the affected resources below.

2021-09-24 Update:

The branded links release has been halted indefinitely as we continue to work on our strategy for skins replacement and site rebranding. The early access toggle will remain available for testing during this time.

Here is an example of an unbranded link and its equivalent branded link:





Note that the hostname contains the Eudaimonia brand and that the path and query parameters have changed. For more details on how to create these links, see the “How do I create share links and embed codes?” article in our online support and community site, Acquia DAM Community.

Last year, we added a data center in Europe so that we could support customers that legally required their data to stay in Europe. We could have created a second CDN at something like embed-eu.widencdn.net, but we didn’t want your links to contain details about their native region (Europe or the US). By putting your site’s name in the hostname instead of in the path, we can route the request directly to the region without having to put the region in the link itself.

Additionally, we plan to focus our development efforts going forward on the use of branded links and embed codes. However, we’ll continue to support links without branding, as we know there’s significant use of those on your websites.

Affected resources

Only version 2.0 of the API is affected. Version 1.0 is not affected.

Here are the API endpoints that have been updated:

The links returned in the embeds expand and the download link in the _links will be branded if the toggle header is supplied.

For example, a Retrieve Asset by ID response would look like the following (some fields have been removed for brevity):

    "id": "683b49f1-552e-4a09-b57b-eed7d06e613b",
    "external_id": "rm2lrawrfx",
    "filename": "Namaste Biking Company Logo.png",
    "created_date": "2019-05-01T17:53:27Z",
    "embeds": {
        "600px": {
            "url": "https://eudaimonia.widen.net/content/rm2lrawrfx/jpeg/Namaste%20Biking%20Company%20Logo.jpeg?w=600&position=c&color=ffffffff&quality=80&u=twqjsr",
            "html": "<img width=\"600\" alt=\"Namaste Biking Company Logo.jpeg\" src=\"https://eudaimonia.widen.net/content/rm2lrawrfx/jpeg/Namaste%20Biking%20Company%20Logo.jpeg?w=600&position=c&color=ffffffff&quality=80&u=twqjsr\">",
            "share": "https://eudaimonia.widen.net/view/thumbnail/rm2lrawrfx/Namaste%20Biking%20Company%20Logo.png?t.download=true&t.format=web&u=twqjsr&x.share=t",
            "apps": []
        "640px-landscape": {
            "url": "https://eudaimonia.widen.net/content/rm2lrawrfx/jpeg/Namaste%20Biking%20Company%20Logo.jpeg?w=640&keep=c&crop=yes&color=cccccc&quality=80&u=twqjsr",
            "html": "<img width=\"640\" alt=\"Namaste Biking Company Logo.jpeg\" src=\"https://eudaimonia.widen.net/content/rm2lrawrfx/jpeg/Namaste%20Biking%20Company%20Logo.jpeg?w=640&keep=c&crop=yes&color=cccccc&quality=80&u=twqjsr\">",
            "share": "https://eudaimonia.widen.net/view/thumbnail/rm2lrawrfx/Namaste%20Biking%20Company%20Logo.png?t.format=web&u=twqjsr&x.share=t",
            "apps": []
    "_links": {
        "download": "https://eudaimonia.widen.net/content/rm2lrawrfx/original/Namaste%20Biking%20Company%20Logo.png?download=true&x.app=api&expires=1608043723849&signature.version=V3&signature=Xuq15C1OsJgwwlexiiFTgzBo6-uKXd3_bA5f2yU3Ozs%3D",

If you would like to test your API integrations to ensure they are compatible with branded links, we’ve just rolled out a branded links early access toggle.

Add the following header to your request:

x-widen-api-toggle: branded-links

If you’re already seeing branded links in your API responses, this toggle is unnecessary and will have no effect.