The CI/CD Tool Devs and Leadership Didn't Know They Needed

If you haven't heard about Acquia's latest developer tool, Code Studio, you're missing out. But before we get into the value for our latest tool, let's talk about the challenges organizations face. Developers are expected to build an amazing digital experience. They need a place to plan the work; break tasks down into smaller issues, assign, track, and report.



As devs build the application, they need a place to hold the code, manage permissions, and track changes. Of course, they will need to test but as you well know, most dev teams don't have it implemented correctly or at all. Collaboration is also necessary to review work which can be time consuming and difficult. FINALLY, after all of that, developers have to deploy.

It takes countless tools and services to complete each step of a DevOps workflow and requires senior developers to integrate, maintain, update, and manage every tool. This means that developer can spend 42% of their time on just code maintenance alone. This leads to lost productivity, which is a huge pain point that all organizations face. It pulls resources away from innovation and forces devs to focus on maintenance. This directly impacts an organization's ability to get to market faster. In partnership with GitLab, Acquia completes each step of the SDLC process by eliminating silos and effort required to maintain a DevOps toolchain. Pretty sweet right?



Now let’s explore Code Studio's value for a second. We know that organizations and IT Leadership are looking to reduce time spent on DevOps setup and maintenance. Having a simple procurement process that bundles a CI/CD tool will save them time and money. By having everything in one place, there's more automation for things like updates, releases, testing, etc. It's easier to collaborate with teammates and has Drupal best practices built in out of the box. IT Leadership also need a compliant and secure DevOps workflow which can be hard to produce when there are multiple different tools and services used.

With Acquia, organizations and developer alike can finally achieve efficient DevOps workflows that provide users with secure and reliable tools. Code Studio keeps organizations ahead of the curve by decreasing time to market and creating operational efficiencies through continuous refinements. As I'm sure you're now interested in learning more, I suggest checking out the articles below.