Learn to love the drop: A radio-style talk show, with your host, Jacob Singh!

By Heather James

Thursday, July 21st, Jacob Singh is hosting two call-in webinars at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. EDT with special guests from the Drupal community with backgrounds from Java to front-end development. You can listen as this panel of experienced Drupal professionals discuss some of the things they wish they knew, and you can have your burning questions answered directly.

Drupal’s learning curve is well known as being steep, occasionally frustrating.  This is more pronounced when you're a developer experienced with another framework or a custom system. Often official documentation goes right into solving edge cases, but misses the big picture for experienced developers who are new to Drupal. Experienced developers can look back and consider what they wish they knew, and if you're new, having that knowledge can save you time.

"Learn to Love the Drop: Expert Advice for Novice Drupal Developers"

The special guests in this webinar come from diverse technical backgrounds and will be speaking about how they overcame specific challenges associated with Java, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress and other systems when they moved to Drupal.

Topics covered:

  • The value of community contribution
  • Best practices for debugging a Drupal site
  • Recommendations on the best development tools
  • Top API functions you absolutely must know
  • Theme “the right way”
  • Translating J2EE knowledge to Drupal

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Show 1 - July 21st - 9:00 AM EDT - 2:00 PM GMT

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With special guests...

Morten Birch Heide-jørgensen (Morten dk) 
Very experienced designer and front-end engineer.   A thought leader in the Drupal community around design and theming and organizer of DrupalCon Copenhagen.  Also brewed 5000 bottles of “awesomesauce” Drupal beer.

Camilla Krag Jensen
Enterprise Java developer who made the switch to Drupal three years ago and has gone on to build some of the largest Drupal sites in Europe.

Joshua Brauer
Long time Drupalist, worked with several different content management and website creation tools dating back to 1994, yes including having committed table based design, before reforming his ways with Drupal. Joshua works on our Client Advisory Team here at Acquia..

Show 2 - July 21st - 1:00 PM EDT - 6:00PM GMT

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With special guests...

Robin Barre
Long time Drupal technical lead and contributor.  Architect of several high profile sites with CivicActions and now Palantir. Also a community organizer in the Seattle and Chicago regions.

Nikki Stevens
Lead developer for Workhabit (NYC), architect of the Major League Soccer Drupal site and former tech lead for DivX.

Joshua Brauer also joins for Part 2.

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