Managing Site Factory sites with Drush using ACSF Tools

Although Site Factory provides a user interface to manage websites on a cluster, website maintainers who must perform highly customized website maintenance activities may instead want to leverage the power of Drush for website maintenance.

The acsf-tools repository (also included with BLT) provides a set of Drush scripts for Drupal 7 and 8 websites tuned both for multisite management and Site Factory concepts.


The acsf-tools toolkit requires Drush 8 when used with a Drupal 7 website.

Installation and configuration

To add the acsf-tools repository to your codebase, perform the steps outlined in the repository’s file. Using its procedures will allow you to download and configure scripts for use on your Site Factory websites.

For information about adding a repository as a dependency in Composer, see Deploying a Composer Managed Drupal application.