New API Usage Endpoint

A new endpoint has been released in version 2.0 of the Acquia DAM API that reveals the total number of API requests made against your account in the current month.

We recently changed how we charge for access to the Acquia DAM API. Customers now get 500,000 calls per month free of charge with the option to upgrade these limits. Customers with the Entries app get an additional 500,000 calls per month. The new endpoint will allow customers to track and better understand their API usage and limits.

There will be no API service disruption when contractual limits are exceeded, but overages may be charged. Contact your site admin to check if your contract includes an API limit.

Certain integrations and connectors are excluded from API usage tracking. A list of excluded integrations can be found in the API FAQ article.

The following usage endpoint is now available in v2.0 of the Acquia DAM API: