Acquia DAM's Entries application organizes your product information such as manufacturing specs, marketing copy, and digital assets in one user-friendly system. Endpoints for Products and Channels have been added to Acquia DAM's public API to allow you to import, enrich, and export this product information to other systems in your technology stack.

The following endpoints are now available for use within the Acquia DAM API v2.0:

  • Attributes
    • GET /v2/attributes
    • GET /v2/attributes/id/vocabulary
  • Channels
    • GET /v2/channels
  • Products
    • POST /v2/products
    • GET /v2/products/id
    • GET /v2/products/channels/id
    • PUT /v2/products/id/product-type
    • PUT /v2/products/id/featured-image
    • PUT /v2/products/id/attributes
    • PUT /v2/products/id/rename
    • DELETE /v2/products/id
  • Product Types
    • GET /v2/product-types

An in depth look is available at our API documentation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team with any questions or curiosities.