Node.js with Decoupled Drupal on Acquia Cloud: A Great Tutorial

Acquia Learning Services has published an excellent tutorial on how to build a Decoupled Drupal application with Node.js on Acquia Cloud.

Two of our resident Node.js and Drupal experts have created learning materials for a simple and transparent process for learners. The tutorial itself, created by Jason Enter, Acquia Technical Services Manager, enables you to develop and deploy a decoupled application on Acquia Cloud. Shane Jordan, Acquia Customer Success Engineer, has taken these instructions and recorded his completion of the tutorial for you to watch without having to install the required dependencies.

It's already well known that an API-first or Decoupled Drupal application offers many benefits to a broader development base than a traditional CMS structure.

This 3-part tutorial will help you realize these benefits by leveraging example codebases for both the Drupal and Node.js applications, which are designed to work together. These two separate applications can be used in a standard workflow, with the inherent relationship created by content offered by the Drupal API.

The Node.js with Decoupled Drupal on Acquia Cloud tutorial includes three in-depth lessons:

  1. Understanding the architectural workflow
  2. Setting up a local Drupal and Node.js application
  3. Deploying your applications to Acquia Cloud

The first lesson is particularly valuable if you are new to "decoupled" and "node.js." Jason explains the core workflow that underlies a "decoupled" approach with Node.js.

The next two lessons get into the details: setting up a local Drupal and Node.js application, and deploying your applications to Acquia Cloud.

These last two lessons are the base of Jordan's video walkthrough, available in two parts:


If you've been curious about "decoupled" or "headless" CMS's, and Node.js, this is a great place to start.