Search Delimiters

We will be updating the List by Search Query endpoint to use underscores as delimiters for quick search input in order to behave consistently with search in the Assets app.

What’s changing

The impact of using underscores as delimiters in search can be seen when applying a query input containing underscores. For example, when matching against asset find_me.png, a quick search query of /v2/assets/search?query=find_m matches, but /v2/assets/search?query=fin_m doesn’t. When treating underscores as delimiters, fin_m matches because fin and m can be matched as substrings independently within find_me. By splitting apart the search input, we can flexibly find assets which might otherwise be missed.

To learn more about search delimiters and substring searches, check out this support article.

Affected resource

List by Search Query (/v2/assets/search)

How to test the new behavior

You can test this change in behavior now before it goes live by making use of an early access toggle. When making requests to the affected resource listed above, the following header can be supplied to ensure the underscore character will be treated as a delimiter in search:

x-widen-api-toggle: underscore-search-delimiter

Release schedule

Currently available for testing, the full release is scheduled for Thursday, October 15th 2020 at 11AM CDT.